Bill Releases Molotov Hoptail as Stealth Beer

“Just put on tap Molotov Hoptail which has not hit the taps at V-50 in over two years.” Bill says this is the hoppiest ever Imperial IPA from him.

More at the Maddbrewer’s Blog.


~ by madfoxbrewing on April 7, 2009.

One Response to “Bill Releases Molotov Hoptail as Stealth Beer”

  1. Bill,

    My wife and I were at Vintage 50 over a month ago and sampled Molotov Hoptail. We think it is the best beer we have ever tasted! We are homebrewers and have sampled a lot of beer but this was the best by far. We are hoping that you could share some info regarding the types of hops used, the quantity of each hop for a 5 gallon batch, and the time at which each hop would be added. Please let us know when Mad Fox will be open and whether you will be brewing another batch of Molotov Hoptail any time soon. Thanks for a great beer.

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