Pizza Oven Delivered

Our Wood Stone Mt. Baker pizza oven was delivered Saturday March, 20. This is an enormous brick oven that weighs in at 4,600 pounds with internal diameter of 6 feet and external dimensions of 7+ feet. We’ll be able to cook 16 Neapolitan style pizzas at a time at 750-800 degrees Fahrenheit in this beast, not to mention the three Bakers Pride gas deck ovens that will be at work alongside for bread, focaccia and New York style pizza at less incendiary temperatures below 600 degrees. We’ll be using the Wood Stone oven to roast vegetables, meats and anything else our Chef can think of that works well at a high temperature.

We had to remove the door frame in order to get it into the building. The brick paving stones that are used for the walkways around the Spectrum building are beautiful, but could not bear the load of the oven plus the forklift. So, we had to pull the oven off of the truck with the forklift and then use pallet jacks to move the oven by hand into the building. Our kitchen equipment supplier, Alto Hartley, subcontracted the rigging work with a local company that supposedly had experience unloading and placing these kinds of ovens; well, they need more practice. Quote from the unloading instructions “Moving a Wood Stone oven can present an interesting challenge to even the most experienced riggers.” Note to riggers:

  • The fork length on the forklift must be at least 6 feet. If not, fork extensions should be used (oops!)
  • Do not lift from the front or you will damage the trim (I’m sure we can get that piece replaced?)

It was an exciting process, but we’re very glad the oven is in place and we can put our door frame and door back in place and put the walls up around the kitchen. Pizza oven testing soon!!

Getting Ready for the Pizza Oven Truck to Arrive

Mad Fox - Pizza Oven Truck Arrives - 2 - 100320

Pizza Oven Truck Arrives

Pizza Oven on Truck Preparing to Unload

Woodstone Pizza Oven Unloading Instructions

Pizza Oven on the Forklift

Pizza Oven Goes Through the Door While Beth (Fox) Madden, Tom Cizauskas and Bill Madden Watch

Woodstone Mt. Baker 6' Pizza Oven In Place

Wood Stone Mt. Baker 6' Pizza Oven In Place Under the Scrutiny of Bill Madden and Uniwest Construction Superintendent Gary Johnson

Looking Into the Pizza Oven

Looking Out of the Pizza Oven - Bill Madden and Rick Garvin Ready for Pizza!


~ by madfoxbrewing on March 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Pizza Oven Delivered”

  1. This is so exciting! I love the pictures, especially the last one.

  2. that is some oven and a priceless picture at the very end if I must say…..

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