Mad Fox Milestone – Brewhouse Delivery

Friday April 9, 2010 was a major milestone for the Mad Fox Brewing Company – the delivery of our brewhouse. Bill calls his new brewhouse his “Big Baby.” The family is growing, with more to come.

Bill Madden, assisted by Scott Zetterstrom at M.E. Solutions, spent 6 months in 2009 doing a market survey of used and new brewing equipment. After all of the used systems were inspected and we received final bids from manufacturers, Rob Soltys’s Premier Stainless Systems came out on top as the best value. The 38% drop in the price of stainless steel and 20% drop in currency exchange rates over the last couple of years drove the bottom line. A 20 year-old used brewhouse costs more than 70% of  a new brewhouse, after Scott Zetterstrom did the analysis and crunched the numbers. On December 9, 2009 we signed the contract with Premier Stainless for our brewery: brewhouse, six 30-bbl fermentation vessels, six 15-bbl serving tanks and one 15-bbl bright tank. Just four months later we had the brewhouse in our space. We’ll have our fermenters and tanks arriving into Norfolk around April 12 or 13 in four containers aboard the Evergreen Reward container ship. We’ll let folks know when the additional tanks arrive at Mad Fox

Watching Scott Zetterstrom and his team of riggers unload the brewhouse was exciting and a little bit scary. We took pictures and some amateur videos to commemorate the event. If you look closely you’ll see some brewers on the team unloading Bill’s “Big Baby.”

Mad Fox brewhouse delivery - brewhouse truck backing in

Nine Fingers Zetterstrom checks out the truck

Brewhouse on truck with Bill Madden

How is this going to work?

Brewer's platform hoisted off the truck

Brewer's platform onto skates

Rigging the kettle

Kettle hoist

Rigging the mash tun and hot liquor tank

Placing the mash and hot liquor tank on skates

Mash and hot liquor tank is in the house

Kettle onto skates with Bill Madden watching

Jonathan Reeves and Bill Madden watch the kettle getting onto skates

Kettle skates into the house


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