Mad Fox Milestone – TTB Brewer’s Notice

Bill Madden was pleased to open his mail today! We received our Brewer’s Notice, which is the official word from the Federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau in the U.S. Department of the Treasury. This allows us to brew and pay Federal excise taxes on the beer we brew.

Bill Madden with Brewer's Notice, Scott Zetterstrom of M. E. Solutions positioning serving tanks

Why does it take SO long to buildout and open a brewpub? Well, you have to build a restaurant AND a brewery that works for both serving diners and manufacturing beer. That’s more than twice as hard as just building 9,000+ square foot restaurant. How hard can it be? Check out the marathon that Bill had to go through in order to pull together the Brewer’s Notice application. TTB guarantees 95 day turn around, but we got ours approved faster than that.

Brewpubs are more highly regulated and taxed than most other businesses. Building a business that pays 15+ kinds of tax means navigating lots of red tape, forms and expense: (1) Federal and (2) State beer excise taxes, (3) Federal and (4) State brewer’s bonds, (5) Federal and (6) State income taxes, (7) Federal and (8) State payroll taxes, City of Falls Church (8) personal property tax and business license taxes as a (9) restaurant serving (10) beer, wine and  (11) cocktails on-sale, (12) beer off-sale and a (13) brewery as well as (14) meals taxes. Add in City of Falls Church (15) commercial real estate taxes and fees… that’s only counting the recurring taxes, not the one-time construction taxes and fees like (16) sewer tap fees… Did we miss any? If we did our friendly folks in Washington, Richmond and City of Falls Church will remind us. They really are friendly, by the way, and help us through the long and laborious process. This is the nature of a brewpub; it is a highly regulated capital intensive industry.

When do we open? As soon as we’re ready and the tax man is satisfied. How much for that (17) Certificate of Occupancy? Can we schedule our inspection for Midsummer’s Day?


~ by madfoxbrewing on May 11, 2010.

4 Responses to “Mad Fox Milestone – TTB Brewer’s Notice”

  1. Congratulations on attaining another milestone. “This allows us to … pay Federal excise taxes….” What a privilege! I’m looking forward to enjoying some of your heavily taxed brews.

  2. That is great news. I just made flight reservations to come back to NoVA in October and will be having at least one meal with beer at Mad Fox. There are too many beers here in San Francisco, but I want one of yours. I am looking forward to reading about your Grand Opening.

  3. Tick Tock Gentlemen. 160,000 more people die each day waiting to have a beer at Mad Fox. Ok so maybe is not the waiting that killing them – sure is killing me.

    • Patrick, we understand your impatience. But, we will not open until we are absolutely ready. We’ll be serving 100% our own beer and that is not something you can do without taking the time to get things right. The good news, is we’re patient! See you at the Pub, Cheers.

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