Brewery Flue

The flue for our kettle heater in the brewhouse has been a special design challenge. We are in a mixed-use building with seven stories of condos above our retail space. We cannot just vent out the side of the building like you can in a commercial building, there are condo balconies above us. We must find a path through the building to a roof. There’s nothing exciting coming out of the brewery flue – just heat, CO2 and water vapor. The volatile exhaust that boils off the kettle is run separately through a condensate stack and goes down the drain – sorry, no malt or hop aromas outside of the brewhouse.

So, our flue does a long horizontal run inside the building to an available rooftop above our storage space. Bill Madden and our engineers have been extremely conservative on the design for this flue. We are using stainless steel double-walled flue material with fiber fire-insulation packed between the walls. Positive pressure is maintained using heat-proof fans to keep the exhaust flowing up and out. Bill has seen these kinds of design challenges before when he designed the breweries for Capitol City Brewing Company; the Capitol Hill location was in the historic Postal Square Building and there were surprises there that required a change of tank locations after construction was in progress.

Why pick a location that has design challenges like this for our location? We could have been out in the country in a less expensive single-story commercial building where it would have been much easier to fit a brewery. But, our prime market is inside the Beltway and there are great demographics in and around the City of Falls Church. We have easy access to public transportation with a vibrant neighborhood and an emerging restaurant district. The consumers win and the designers work around the constraints.

Brewery Flue Connected to the Brewery Kettle

Brewery Flue Connected to the Brewery Kettle

Brewery Flue Material

Brewery Flue Material

Brewery Flue Material - Interior Detail

Brewery Flue Material - Interior Detail

Brewery Flue - Horizontal Run Installation

Brewery Flue - Horizontal Run Installation


~ by madfoxbrewing on May 19, 2010.

One Response to “Brewery Flue”

  1. Bill,
    Kudos to you for sweating out all the sticky details and challenges of making this work in Falls Church instead of taking an easier route. Having moved to Falls Church last October, your brewpub is one of the things I’m most excited about in the new ‘hood. Looking forward to many trips there in the future.


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