Mad Fox is Brewing!

It’s official, we are a working brewery. It’s been a busy time getting our brewery checked out with our manufacturer, finalizing our Federal and State brewery licenses and getting our temporary occupancy permit that allows us to start brewing. Yesterday Bill Madden brewed our first official batch of Kolsch, his signature German session beer. Coming in at 11 degrees Plato and a specific gravity of 1.044 it will be a 4.5% ABV beer that we will be brewing for many years to come. Bill also has American Pale Ale and Saison in the works. All three of these beers use different yeasts – we’ll keep the NCYC1187 yeast from the APA going as our work horse ale yeast and the Kolsch yeast will keep cranking Alt, Kellerbier and more Kolsch as well. Bill’s brew schedule is laid out and he should have 6 beers ready for opening with another 6 beers in fermentation. We’ll likely use a few more yeast varieties, especially the Weihenstephan 68 German Wheat Beer yeast.

There’s still some work to do to perfect the brewery operations, but that’s old hat for a brewery hardened warrior like our brewmaster. With the completion of our health inspection this coming Friday we’ll be able to start finalizing recipes in the kitchen. Bill won’t have to leave the brewery to eat! More beer for us.

Yeast willing, we’ll have bright beautiful beer ready to serve before St. Swithin’s day. We’ll see you at the pub, Cheers.

Mad Fox - First Brew Kolsch

Bill Madden Brews His First Batch of Kolschbier


~ by madfoxbrewing on June 17, 2010.

13 Responses to “Mad Fox is Brewing!”

  1. w00t!!!

  2. I am so excited for you buys and us too!!! It’s been way too long since we’ve been able to sit at the bar on a Friday night drinking great beer and talking about what’s next in the tanks.

  3. This is spectacular and exciting. When does the opening begin?

  4. Fantastic! I am so ready for Bill’s Kolsch.

  5. Can’t wait to visit, tasted (and loved) your brew at the Fall Beer Fest at Bull Run and saved your card checking in from time to time. Will check with greater frequency for the grand opening.

  6. Congratulations! I used to live in Falls Church and man, I would’ve loved to come by there! Good for you guys with the ABC and all that bureaucratic gobbletygook, brew it up and make yourselves proud!

  7. Congrats Bill!

  8. I am excited. You are walking distance from my home. More importantly, you are stumbling distance back to my home! Will you have a pre-grand opening event where you’ll need some members of the public to come in and help you get ready for grand opening?

    • Ed, it’s good to have beer-friendly neighbors! We are going to open quietly, but will post a note on here, facebook and twitter when we do. We’ll have a grand opening in October where we’ll do the ribbon cutting. Cheers!

  9. Great news Bill. Happy to have you brewing again.

  10. Good luck with the first brews Bill. Always a special time. When you get settled, we should do a brew together either at MFBC or DBBC.

  11. Walked by last night- the place looks great! Good luck! See you soon!

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