MAD FOX BREWING COMPANY is a soon to open Gastro-BrewPub led by the artful national award winning brewing of Bill Madden. We are seeking talented, experienced and energetic staff to join our opening team.

What is a Gastro-BrewPub? Take an upscale-casual chef-driven restaurant committed to a high quality made from scratch menu, including locally sourced farm to table ingredients as well as wonderfully crafted Neapolitan & NY Style pizza, led by Executive Chef Russel Cunningham. Match that with the nationally award winning housebrewed beer by Bill Madden. Great beers with great food that you can be proud to cook and serve.

Mad Fox is recruiting managers and hourly employees for our location in Falls Church, VA. Candidates should apply in person 9AM-6PM at the construction office in Suite G, adjacent to our location:

Mad Fox Brewing Company
444 West Broad Street Suite I
Falls Church, VA 22046

After hours application drop box is located at Suite G.

Mad Fox application for employement:

Mad Fox will be hiring individuals with a proven record in hospitality. Persons that have proven themselves to be service-oriented individuals with a strong work ethic, a passion for the guest experience, and a smile that warms everyone. Our training and standards will define us as a leader in the upscale-casual meal experience. We will be hiring candidates who can commit to the time and effort that is necessary to excel. Experience with craftbrews and upscale beer service is preferred.

Training is expected to begin within the last 10 days of June. Opening is expected to be before mid-July.


Servers – Talented, experienced and energetic! Experience with high-volume high-throughput dining rooms is key.

Hosts – We are hiring hosts who are exceedingly professional & disciplined with an outgoing personality. Our hosts will control the flow of our service while defining our commitment to our guest’s exceptional experience. Experienced hosts will earn $9-$12 per hour.

Cooks – Under the supervision of our Executive Chef and Sous Chef, Mad Fox will be hiring individuals with a proven record in similar upscale-casual kitchens for grill/saute’, salad, prep and experienced pizzaiolos for artisanal pizza production. Persons that have proven themselves to be passionate for perfectly executed food, perfect sanitation, a strong work ethic, proven abilities in maintaining tight standards, and a genuine love for cooking. Cooks with the required experience and expertise earn $12-$15 per hour.

Managers – We are seeking qualified candidates with start-up and operational experience at multiple successful high volume operations. The successful candidates will be hands-on managers with a passion for spectacular service and great food while managing costs. Managers will embrace the business’s core menu of gourmet pizza and exceptional craft beer, using their accumulated restaurant expertise to deliver an exceptional guest experience while defining the restaurant as a regional leader.

Experience & capabilities:

  • 2-3 years front of house manager experience in high volume upscale-casual restaurants
  • A proven drive to consistently exceed guest expectations
  • Proven results in achieving food, labor, beverage & supply controls
  • Dynamic leadership skills with a history of and commitment to spectacular motivational & overall people skills
  • Strong professional work ethic with a fanatical attention to detail
  • Exceptional organizational skills
  • Unrelenting drive for food safety and health procedures
  • Proficient computer skills

Ideal candidates will also possess:

  • Experience with artisanal/gourmet pizza
  • Previous experience in startup/opening of successful upscale-casual restaurants
  • Previous experience with craft brew and/or brewpubs.

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