Printable Menu – Mad Fox Brewing Company Menu – October 15, 2010

Children’s Menu – Mad Fox – Children’s Menu – August, 29 2010

Mad Fox features fresh seasonal and local ingredients with a chef-driven menu that features pizza, panini, salads, meats and vegetarian friendly foods. Our chef works with local farmers to procure seasonal produce and locally raised lamb, bison, beef, chicken and game. The chef also features locally produced cheese, charcuterie, bacon and Virginia Country Ham. These great local ingredients drive a seasonal menu and frequent specials. This allows Mad Fox to craft a value-priced menu that accommodates varied appetites that does not become boring after weekly visits.


31 Responses to “Food”

  1. Any chance you’ll be having clam chowder on Fridays? or any time?

  2. (not having seen what you guys serve) Are there vegan/vegetarian options?

  3. Consider a hearty french onion soup for your menu.

    • Chuck, look for that in the Fall. Right now Gazpacho is a bit more seasonal, and seasonal is part of our concept. Beer Cheese Soup will probably be a special before that. Cheers!

  4. Is there a location on your website where information is available for folks with allergies. For example, I am allergic to garlic (unless it is dehydrated or powdered). I always ask my server for information, but I would appreciate knowing ahead of time what foods and sauces I must avoid. Also hope it is possible to get garlic-free pizza options (even though I realize how counter-intuitive that seems).

    • Bob, thanks for your note. Our Neapolitan pizza sauce is only crushed tomatoes and salt. There is no garlic in any of our doughs. I certainly appreciate food allergy challenges, with allergies to melons, raw cucumber, eggplant and banana. The challenge is that our ingredients change as local availability changes. That is compounded by being a scratch kitchen where we prepare over 90 ingredients daily. It’s impossible to prepare a comprehensive list of ingredients every day. If you send us a note with your specific concerns we will make a list for you of foods to avoid. For me, no fruit kabobs or Veg sandwich!

  5. As a Falls Church/Dunn Loring resident and(Ex British pat) this is fantastic news. I expect to come with my family tonight and having to not have to go the extra couple of miles and deal with Four Corners to get a good beer (Dogfish)will be perfect. I look forward to trying the Kolsh. Good deal and good luck, hopefully tonight I’ll be happy.

  6. I’m severely allergic to dairy, even the smallest amount. Any non-dairy items you can recommend on your menu?

    • We’ll get back to you on specifics. Dairy is pretty limited, but I’ve asked Chef Russel to elaborate. Cheers!

    • Ed, I checked into it and our multi-grain bread has no dairy. The grits in the shrimp in grits and pork tenderloin has cream. Go with the Lamb Chops, Ribs, Duck Breast and Crispy Tofu entrees. On the sandwiches ask for the multi-grain bread and no-dairy. In general, you should specify a dairy allergy when you order and the kitchen will accommodate where possible. Cheers!

  7. we would love to come and i was wondering, would it be too crowded, noisy and a long wait if i bring my 89y/o mom along? it would be on a sat. night around 7ish.


  8. Please explain the Growler. I bought one (Kolsch) the other night and the family enjoyed it over the next week. But I’m at a loss where to go from there. Didn’t really understand the menu on that.

    • Hi, you can bring the growler back in for a refill for $10 for beers below 8% ABV and $13 for beers above 8% ABV. Cheers!

  9. Just wondering if it’s possible to make the bread without egg? I have been there twice and I am loving the beer, but being a vegan I would like to be able to get the veg with bread. Thanks and your place is the best thing in Falls church.

    • Absolutely, our multi-grain bread has no egg or dairy products. It is baked in house every day. Cheers!

  10. I’d suggest somewhere on your site you mention parking. I can’t exactly fold up my car, put it in my pocket, and toddle in. Ho Ho

    • Good idea, we do have a free underground parking garage with 326 retail spaces. Lots of space for everyone! Cheers!

  11. I couldn’t find your kids menu online, though we’ve been and know you have one. It would sure make things quicker and easier if we agreed on what we were ordering before we left for the restaurant. Thanks.

    • Amy, great idea. I’ll scan our kids menu and put it up with our standard menu. See you at the Pub, Cheers!

  12. How about giving the calories, fat, and sodium content of the foods on your menu. For some of us that would help in making choices.

    • Claudia, thanks for the note. I’ll mention that to Chef Russel. The software we use for kitchen management may be able to calculate that for us. It’s too much information to fit on our menu, but I’ll see what we can do. See you at the Pub, Cheers!

    • Claudia, I added the Children’s menu to our food page at: . Thanks for your suggestion!

  13. I need to eat gluten-free. Can you accommodate me? Should I call you?

    • Leslie, thanks for your question. I have my own exciting food allergies and know how tough it can be to eat out. We have a good number of gluten free options and can make accommodations on most dishes. We do not have a GF pizza dough or bread replacement. Please specify gluten free when you order – recipes evolve and availability sometimes causes us to make changes.

      – Cider
      – Mead
      – Wine

      Entrees that are gluten free are:
      – Chicken
      – Steak Frites
      – Pork Tenderloin – substitute the grits
      – Lamb Chops
      – Ribs
      – Duck Breast

      Sandwiches – available without bread
      – The Veg – excellent on top of greens
      – Mad Fox Burger
      – BBQ Brisket
      – Sausage
      – Housemade Black Bean Burger

      – Fries
      – Chicken Wings
      – Mussels – without bread
      – Pork Belly – without spoonbread
      – Seared Scallops – with celery root puree, actually a good substitute for grits
      – Tuna Tartare – hold the wonton chips
      – Cheese Plate – hold the bread
      – Charcuterie Plate – hold the bread

      I hope this helps. Do specify gluten free when you order. Cheers!

  14. What would you suggest as a low fat/calorie meal? Thanks!

  15. Not yet, we’re talking about it in our managers’ meeting today. This is something that takes a lot of effort, but we understand the desire. Cheers!

  16. I was interested in finding out if you can accommodate larger groups. We are planning an office party and need service for 14-16 people. Please email me.


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